‘Personal Journey’ Series

The Personal Journeys series features people and families sharing details of their difficult times. The aim is to show other people that they are not alone.

I Was Scared to Have a Daughter | This Mum Likes

I Was Scared to Have a Daughter

I originally shared this on my Facebook page but I thought I'd post it on my blog too just incase anyone is feeling the same way and it can offer them comfort. -- When the ultrasound tech told me I ...
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Juniper - 24 Week Micro-Prem Miracle

Juniper’s Journey: 24 Week Micro-Prem Miracle

I first heard about Juniper through the BabyCentre app as her mum Seane is part of the November group of mums and bubs. I then followed this lovely family on Instagram and got to learn a lot about what being ...
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Lee - Postnatal Depression

Lee’s Journey: Postnatal Depression

Lee told me that she had written about her journey with Postnatal Depression and that she wanted to be brave and share it with other mums. I am honoured that she has chosen my blog as an outlet to share ...
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