English born, Australian living, part Caribbean, Dutch surnamed, first time mum. It may seem like the start of an identity crisis but I like to think it makes me sound interesting…

My name is Amy. I’m 26. I live in Melbourne with my husband, my baby daughter and 2 dogs. At the moment I spend my waking hours looking after Melie and cleaning up dog hair. At least, that’s what it feels like…

Despite how I feel some days, I’m a lot more than ‘just a mum.’

I’m a wife, a woman and also a person with a mixed background. I eat too much yummy food, have a penchant for sci-fi audiobooks and can’t resist an animated movie (even before having a kid!).

Why ‘This Mum Likes’?

When I find something I like, I tend to go on and on about it. I just can’t help myself, I enjoy sharing things that make me happy. It could be an awesome thing I’ve bought, a fun place I’ve been or something cool that I’ve done with Melie. Whatever it is, this is my place to share all these things and I hope you can get some happiness out of it too.

You can connect with me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. I also pin an obscene amount of inspiration for themed nurseries and children’s parties on Pinterest.